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CONDOR NON-LETHAL TECHNOLOGIES, is a Brazilian company that is active in manufacturing Non-Lethal and Pyrotechnics high-tech Equipment for disturbance situations, military and rescue signalization. Condor is a leader and pioneer in Latin America and is occupying a prominent place in the world ranking. The company is located in Rio de Janeiro, in the town of Nova Iguaçu. Its factory is set up in a total area of about 1,000,000 (one million) square meters next to the Tingua biological reserve with 26 thousand hectares, which is the largest Atlantic Forest reserve in the State of Rio de Janeiro.


Since its inception in 1985, the company managed to accumulate experience which enabled it to develop and deliver more than 100 products of enormous applicability by the Armed Forces and United Nations Peacekeeping Troops. The aforementioned applications are used in operations that require passive defense as a solution. Furthermore, non-lethal ammunitions have some other applications such as Riot Control by Riot Police Squads, Special Operations, Control of Rebellions and in the Ostensible Patrol and Property Protection.


This has helped the company to export its products and through this procedure to accumulate commercial experience both in Brazil and abroad. Throughout the years Condor has managed to equip Law Enforcement Officials in many countries. Additionally, the company promotes partnerships with international manufacturers, guardians of recognized competence in the area of defense, for the development of new non-lethal technologies.





Admittedly, apart from its international appearance the company has an extensive experience in the Brazilian market where it is considered to be the pioneer in the dissemination of the “Non-Lethal” concept in Brazil. The company’s products have served as an effective instrument for the constituted authorities to promote compliance with the law and maintenance of the Public Order, through the systematic use of force, without infringing upon individual Human Rights.


Besides the entrepreneurship values and visions, the company has also some other social values, namely: ethics, social responsibility, respect for the environment and human rights. That is why Condor adopts the permanent policy of social-environmental responsibility, designating 40% of its total area for the preservation of the native forest, including fountainheads, flora and fauna, shaping the factory environment into an ecological island, in perfect harmony with the “Non-Lethal” concept which respects life and citizenship.


All of the products manufactured by Condor are exclusively commercialized by Welser-Itage Participacoes e Comercio S.A.


Certificates / Awards

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ISO 9001:2008
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ISO 14001:2004


Address: Rua do Carmo, 7-Gr.1901, Centro, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, CEP: 20011-020, Brazil
Phone No: +55 21 3974 3350 
Fax No: +55 21 3974 3362