01.General Information

RADMOR S.A specializes in development, production and sale of professional and military radio communication equipment, including tactical VHF transceivers, portable and handheld radiotelephones, base stations, repeaters, radio modems for fire brigades, border guard, health care, railways, forestry sectors, public utility companies, shipyards, ports, security agencies and other customers.

Company offers products like:

TetraFlex system:  

  • BS421 base station for TetraFlex
  • SB421 system controller TetraFlex
  • Mobile radio TMR880i for TETRA
  • THR880i handheld radio for TETRA

Data transmission products:

  • MTD 01/03/04 data transmission modules
  • Radiodruk 2.0
  • Radiomodem 7004
  • Radiomodem 7004i

Stationary products:

  • ZT3801-160 repeater station
  • ZRK 3801 radio communication set
  • Stationary radiotelephone 3007 with 3767 manipulator
  • Stationary radiotelephone 3705


  • Power supplies
  • Control Units
  • Antennas

Handheld radio:

  • Handheld radiotelephone 31020 Agent
  • Handheld radiotelephone 31019
  • Handheld radiotelephone 31012

RADMOR S.A has won several contracts like delivery of handheld radios R3501 to Indonesian armed forces in 2006, delivery of mobile set V3501 for the Lithuanian army, and delivery of handheld radios R3501 to Latvian Armed Forces in 2005

Clients list of the company includes civil guard, ministry of defense, Rohde & Schwarz, Pogotowie Ratunkowe, Bumar, MPDiM, Motorola Polska Sp. z o.o., MPT Super Taxi, Urzad Miejski, and many others.

Company is quality certified to AQAP 2110 standards.


Address:ul. Hutnicza 3 Gdynia 81-212 Poland
Phone No:+48 58 6996500/700
Fax No:+48-58-6996992