Department of Correctional Services (South Africa)

01.General Information

Department of Correctional Services is responsible for running South Africa's prison system.

Its mission is: 

  • The integrated application and direction of all Departmental resources to focus on the correction of offending behavior, the promotion of social responsibility and the overall development of the person under correction.
  • Provision of correctional facilities that will promote efficient security, corrections, care and Development services within an enabling human rights environment.
  • Progressive and ethical management and staff practices within which every correctional official performs an effective correcting and encouraging role.

The purpose of the correctional system is to contribute to maintaining and protecting a just peaceful and safe society by:

  • Enforcing sentences of the courts in the manner prescribed by the Act;
  • Detaining all prisoners in safe custody whilst ensuring their human dignity; and
  • Promoting the social responsibility and human development of all prisoners and persons subject to community corrections.

Its budget programs are:

Administration: It refers to all administrative support functions providing an enabling environment for all services rendered by the department to ensure compliance with the law and management best practices. Services range from human resource development and management, procurement, budgeting, financial management, well being of personnel, communication, information communication technology, research and policy coordination, investigation capacity, intergovernmental relations, information management, executive decision support, strategic support, good governance, etc

Corrections: It is aimed at the assessment of security risks and the criminal profile of individuals based on their social background, and developing correctional sentence plans targeting all elements associated with the offending behavior.

Care: It is aimed at maintenance of the well being of persons under departmental care, providing for physical fitness, nutrition, social link with families and society, spiritual and moral well-being, psychological well-being and health care

Development: It specializes in developing competency through the provision of social development and consciousness, vocational and technical training, recreation, sports and opportunities for education that will enable offenders to easily reintegrate in communities and serve as productive citizens

After care: It is focused on persons under the care of the DCS after the completion of sentences in order to facilitate social acceptance and the effective reintegration into the community.


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