Statron AG

01.General Information

Statron AG specializes in manufacturing and supplying systems, equipment and components to improve secure and adapt the power supply.
Company's product list includes:

DC Power Supply Systems Rectifiers and Battery Chargers:

  • BDT-rectifier/charger
  • BCS-rectifier/charger

AC Power Supply Systems Inverters:

  • IDT-inverter/static switch
  • IDS-inverter/static switch

AC Power Supply Systems UPS:

  • S7300-online UPS
  • S9000-online UPS
  • S5300-online UPS
  • S2300 industrial UPS
  • PW 9125 RM online UPS
  • PW 5115 RM-line interactive UPS

Modular Power Supplies:

  • MPS-rectifier
  • MPS-DC converter
  • MPS-inverter
  • MPS-telecom compact
  • MPS-telecom modular

Frequency Converters:

  • S4100FC-frequency converter

AC Voltage Stabilizers:

  • RT / RTF-electromechanical voltage stabilizer
  • RL / RLF-electromechanical voltage stabilizer
  • SX-solid state voltage stabilizer
  • ES enersaver

Industrial Batteries:

  • Maintenance free valve regulated lead acid batteries
  • Vented tubular and flat plate batteries
  • Plante batteries
  • Nickel cadmium batteries

Statron AG has been quality certified to  SN EN ISO 9001 standard.

Some of its references are Iderdrola Energia Monterrey, Volta River Authority, National Grid Company, Electricity Authority of Zurich, Ministry of Electricity and Water, Water and Power Development Authority, and Petroliam Nasional Bhd.


Address:Eichstrasse 18 Neuenhof CH-5432 Switzerland
Phone No:+41-56-4160416
Fax No:+41-56-4160415