Denel Group - Vektor

01.General Information

Denel Group-Vektor is a division of Denel (Pty) Ltd, the company specializes in the manufacture and marketing of pistols for law enforcement, self protection and sport, hunting rifles in all the popular calibres, assault rifles, machine guns, rapid fire canons in various calibres, mortar systems, barrels for rifles and cannons etc.

The R4 is a 5.56 mm assault rifle introduced into service with the South African Defence Force was produced by Vektor, a small arms division of Denel Corporation, currently known as Denel Land Systems.

Products offered by the company include:


  • The LMT105 is a light armoured 3 man turret
  • ROOIKAT 76 armoured fighting vehicle
  • ROOIKAT 105 armoured fighting vehicle


  • G6-45 155mm long-range artillery gun.
  • G6-52 SP Gun howitzer
  • G5-45 155 mm towed gun-howitzer
  • LAV III / T7 105 mm SP howitzer
  • LEO -105 towed artillery System

Infantry weapons:

  • Commando Mortar System M4 60 mm
  • Long Range Mortar M6 60 mm
  • Light Machine Gun Mini SS 5,56 x 45 mm
  • General Purpose Machine Gun SS77 Mk1 7,62 mm x 51 mm
  • NTW 20 anti-materiel rifle 20 x 82mm HS
  • Automatic grenade launcher (AGL) 40 mm

Few service offered by the company includes logistic support, training, packaging, handling, storage and transportation, technical documentation, logistic development and support services for all weapon products, life cycle cost analysis, and interim product support.


Address:P.O. Box 5445 Pretoria 0001 South Africa
Phone No:+27-12-6202035
Fax No:+27-12-6202407