IAI - MLM Division

01.General Information

IAI - MLM Division specializes in the development and production of
Missiles, communications, simulator, and other space related products.
Products offered by the company include:

  • Air and Missile Defence Systems-ARROW weapon system, anti ballistic missile defense system
  • Space Technologies-small satellite launch systems and vehicles, Photovoltaic (Solar arrays) space and ground systems, launch and test sites, airborne, ground based and naval telemetry systems.
  • Advanced avionics, simulation and training systems - air situation awareness (SAW) & data link systems, real-time air combat maneuvering instrumentation systems, (Autonomous ACMI), helicopter training, safety & debriefing systems, combined air, air defense and naval training systems, avionics communication systems (Based on MIL-STD-1553 C4I air and land command and control integrated systems
  •  Tactical Systems-sea or land based long range artillery (Tactical Range Guided Missile)

It is the prime contractor and system integrator of the ARROW Weapon System (AWS), an anti-tactical/theater ballistic missile defense system and the small satellite launch system (SHAVIT) that was used for positioning of the OFEQ satellites in orbit.

It also produces advanced avionics training & simulation systems. These include the EHUD TM rangeless real-time air combat pilot training, debriefing and safety systems (Autonomous ACMI), Helicopter Training & Safety (HTS) Systems, Situation Awareness Systems (SAW), IT tools and Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence (C3I) systems.

Company has designed, developed and deployed Telemetry and Communication equipment & systems.

Company provides full service from the earliest stages of concept analysis, through development, production and installation, and culminating in integration and life-cycle support.

IAI - MLM Division has been quality certified to the following standards:

  • AS9100
  • ISO 9001 2000 Quality Assurance (QA) standard
  • ISO 14001 Environmental standard
  • ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Management standard
  • NASA 5300.4 standard
  • CMMI Level 5


Address:P.O.Box 45 Beer Yaakov Israel
Phone No:+972-8-9272230
Fax No:+972-8-9272890