RYMSA (Radiacion y Microondas S.A.)

01.General Information

RYMSA specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of antennas and passive radio frequency components serving telecommunication, space, broadcast and defense markets for more than 30 years.

It operates under four divisions, which includes:

RYMSA Broadcast Division: It develops, manufactures and delivers antenna systems and passive components for the broadcasting of FM, digital radio, and analogue and digital TV in BI, BIII and BIV-V.

RYMSA Space Division: It designs, manufactures and delivers antennas and passive microwave on board equipment for satellites.

RYMSA Electronics and Systems (EYS) division: It designs, manufactures and delivers equipments and radomes for ground, communications, radar, airborne and Defence etc.

RYMSA Telecom division: It focuses on the design and production of telecommunication equipments for fixed wireless and mobile telephony applications.

Products list of the company includes:

Single-Band Panel Antennas:

  • GSM 900
  • Cellular 850
  • Broadband 1800 1900 UMTS

Multi-Band Panel Antennas:

  • Dual-Band E (GSM 900/ broadband 1800 UMTS)
  • Dual-Band A (Cellular 850/ broadband 1900 UMTS)
  • Mono-radome Dual-Band E 3x (GSM 900/ broadband 1800 UMTS)
  • Mono-radome dual-band A 3x (Cellular 850/ broadband 1900 UMTS)
  • Mono-radome dual-broadband 3x (2x broadband 1800 1900 UMTS)
  • Mono-radome tri-band 3x (GSM 900/ 2x broadband 1800 UMTS)   

Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) and Site Control Unit (SCU):

  • Remote electrical tilt  
  • Site control unit 
  • Cables

Antenna Systems: 

  • VHF Band I TV antennas
  • VHF Band III TV antennas
  • UHF Band IV/V TV antennas
  • UHF Band IV/V DVB-H antennas
  • Band II radio antennas
  • DAB VHF band III antennas
  • Power splitters
  • Interconnection lines

Channel Combiners and Filters:

  • VHF Band I TV channel combiners
  • VHF Band III TV channel combiners
  • UHF Band IV/V TV channel combiners
  • UHF Band IV/V DVB-T/H band pass filters
  • FM Band II channel combiners

 RF Passive Components and Accessories:

  • Rigid coaxials
  • Connectors
  • Couplers switches and patch panels

In additional, the company offers products like:

  • Aural/visual combiners
  • Components & accessories
  • Cellular
  • Multi access equipments
  • WLL equipments
  • VHF equipments
  • UHF equipments

Company's customers are Ministerio De Defensa, CIDA (Spanish Navy), Indra Sistemas, Indra Ews (ENOSA), Lockheed Martin, Alenia Difesa, Telefonica, MATRA Marconi Space, Hispasat 1C, Telefonica Moviles, Vodafone Group, Siemens, Ericsson, Axion, Generalitat Valenciana, Difusio Digital and Tradia, etc.

Company has received AEGIS award for the Excellence in Quality and Performance Programme by the US NAVY and Lockheed Martin.


Address:Ctra Campo Real Km 2.1

Arganda del Rey Madrid 28500 Spain
Phone No:+34-91-8760680
Fax No:+34-91-8711731