Ministry of Justice (Kuwait)

01.General Information


Ministry of Justice (Kuwait) is responsible to provide justice for the society under a simplified system and keeps the security of the people and their social system, and respects the laws.


Its main responsibilities include:


  • Organizing the necessary means to clear the conflicts presented in courts of its different kinds and considers crimes according to the judgment of law.
  • Carrying out the governmental pleading by the general prosecution in the name of the society in the felonies what are transferred  to it from misdemeanors, by investigation, act, and allegation according to law judgments.
  • Supervising on prisons and other places where penal judgment are executed in.
  • Providing technical expertise to the justice bodies and other state organizations.
  • Works of the official publication for judicial papers and initiatory pleadings  and execute judgments and writs of execution, and accept its related amounts deposit it and spend it according the law.
  • Works of real estate registration and authentication, and confirmation, and date listing and visas on commercial records according to law.
  • Cooperation with countries, and Arabian, and Islamic, and foreign organizations in the legal and judicial fields.


Ministry of Justice (Kuwait) operates through various units such as:


Basic bodies of jurisdiction: It represents the jurisdiction in courts in its various ranks, and general prosecution the head judicial council according to the demand of the minister of justice, considers all what relates to assigning judges and general prosecution members, their promotions, their transfer, and their delegation and also give opinion in matters related to them.


Courts should consist of:


Judiciary body:

  • Court of cassation,
  • Court of appeal,
  • Court of first instance,
  • Summary Courts,
  • General Prosecution.


Assistant dept of judiciary body:


  • Public dept of civil execution penal dept.,
  • Experts dept.,
  • Judicial arbitration dept.,
  • Judicial fees dept.,
  • Criminal execution and affairs and foreign communication office,
  • Court service dept.


Other departments:


  • Ministry general bureau,
  • Administrative affairs dept.,
  • Financial affairs dept.,
  • Information and public relations dept.,
  • International relations dept.,
  • Real estate registrations dept.,
  • Authentication dept.,
  • Legitimate authentication dept.,
  • Administrative development and inspection dept.,
  • Engineering projects dept.,
  • Legal affairs dept.,
  • Family consultancies dept.



Address: P.O. Box 6 Safat 13001 Kuwait
Phone No: +965-248-0000
Fax No: +965-243-3750