Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (Malaysia)

01.General Information

Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (Malaysia) aims towards encouraging ethical trade practices and to protect consumer interest since 1990
It has two objectives namely:

  • To develop domestic trade and consumerism
  • To initiate change that will transform the business community, and to improve the delivery system and image of the Ministry and simultaneously empower consumers.

Ministry's main functions include

  • Managing matters related to consumer protection and intellectual property
  • Licensing for manufacturing and sales
  • Direct selling
  • Selling of petroleum and petrochemical products
  • Implementing weights and measures rules
  • Registering of trusts companies and businesses 

Ministry's policy's includes:

Fair Trade Practices Policy:

  • Promote and protect competition in the market
  • Create dynamic and competitive entrepreneurs
  • Provide fair and competitive market opportunities for business
  • Prohibit anti-competitive practices including those originating from outside the

Malaysian territory and affecting the domestic territory

  • Prohibit unfair trade practices in the economy
  • Promote right of SME to participate in the market place
  • Promote consumer welfare
  • Encourage socio-economic growth, generate efficiency and equity

National Intellectual Policy (NIPP): The main purpose of the NIPP is to harness intellectual property (IP) as a new engine of growth for the enhancement of economic and social prosperity.

It also focuses on maximizing the contribution of IP in accelerating the socio-economic and technological development through the creation of an environment that encourages continuous creation of IP, provides a high standard IP protection system, promotes exploitation of commercially potential IP, fosters development of the supporting industries and builds human resource capability to successfully implement the policy.

The policy is also needed to promote and instill IP culture among the business community as well as the public. The aim is to create a community that values IP as a valuable economic asset and respects the right of owners.

The policy is also required to support one of the objectives of the Multimedia Super Corridor Bill of Guarantees ?to become a regional leader in IP protection and cyber laws, National Biotechnology Policy and National Convention on Biodiversity Policy and other policies that are related to IP.

Objectives of the NIPP include:

  • Highest Standard of IP Protection System by developing an efficient and effective IP protection system to ensure fast and easy acquisition of protection and rights and competent and practical enforcement mechanism that provides redress and solutions to infringements of IP rights and deters the repetition of infringement
  • Promotion of IP-generated Activities Promotion of IP-generated activities by focusing on managing research innovation as well as research and development more effectively among the research institutions, universities, small and medium industries (SMIs) and individuals as well as through acquisition of foreign IP on selected priority areas. The promotion of these IP-generated activities necessitates the creation of a conducive environment that provides incentives, grants, management, finance, business transactions, enforcement and dispute settlement
  • Promotion of Commercial Exploitation of IP Promote commercial exploitation of IP as the key value creating activity essential to the development of an IP industry
  • Development of IP Management Capabilities Develop proficient IP management capabilities, both in the public and private sectors, to cover the whole IP chain of activities from creation to protection, exploitation, valuation, licensing, acquisition, enforcement and dispute settlement. Management capability is vital to a mature and sophisticated IP industry
  • Development of Infrastructure for IP Transaction A vibrant IP industry requires the presence of a highly developed support industry particularly those in the banking and finance
  • Protection of National IP Interest Ensure that Malaysian IP interest is safeguarded at the international level by monitoring the developments in IP in the international arena and actively participating in international forums that address the enhancement of IP protection, new emerging issues and new challenges brought about by rapid technological progress
  • Human Resource Development and Public Awareness Promote human resource development with an aim of creating a large pool of experts for the management of IP at all levels of the chain of activities, for the business transaction of IP and for the commercial exploitation of IP
  • Promotion of Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Encourage greater foreign investment and technology transfer by guaranteeing the highest standard of IP protection for IP brought into Malaysia, the opportunity to acquire returns from their investment and the availability of legal channels to seek redress and solution in cases of infringement.


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