Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Republic of Korea)

01.General Information

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade  (Republic of Korea) is responsible for diplomacy, external economic policy, overseas Korean nationals, international situation analysis and overseas promotional affairs.

Ministry was inaugurated according to the Government Organization Act enacted by the Government of the Republic of Korea in 1948.

Ministry consists of the following divisions and bureaus:

  • Director-General for Development Cooperation
  • Director-General, Northeast Asian Affairs Bureau
  • Director-General, South Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau
  • Director-General, North American Affairs Bureau
  • Director-General, Latin American and Caribbean Affairs Bureau
  • Director-General, European Affairs Bureau
  • Director-General, African and Middle Eastern Affairs Bureau

In 1963, the Educational Institute of Foreign Service Officers (EIFSO) was established under Cabinet Order No. 1358 to be directly responsible to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs was reorganized as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade with the incorporation of the newly established Office of the Minister for Trade, so as to comprehensively establish and conduct foreign policies on trade, trade negotiations and foreign economic affairs according to Presidential Decree No. 15710 of February 28 and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Decree No. 1 of March 3.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is in charge of the following:

  • Establishment and conduct of foreign policies
  • Establishment, conduct, generalization and regulation of foreign policies on trade, trade negotiations and external economic affairs
  • Treaties and other international agreements
  • Cultural cooperation
  • Overseas promotion
  • Protection and support for overseas Korean nationals
  • International situation analysis and consular affairs

Ministry's other international responsibilities include:

Balanced and Pragmatic Diplomacy for Peace and Prosperity in Northeast Asia:

  • Specific progress in the Resolution of the North Korean nuclear issue
  • Advancement into Comprehensive Partnership between ROK and the U.S.
  • Establishment of future-orientated relations with neighboring countries
  • Support for the Inter-Korean relations via International Cooperation
  • Promotion of the Northeast Asian Multilateral Dialogues

Diversified Diplomacy in the International Arena:

  • Pursuit of the Multi-dimensional Summit Diplomacy
  • Exerting leadership in Regional Cooperation Diplomacy
  • Advancing into the European Market by utilizing the EU enlargement
  • Expanding practical cooperation with the Central & Southern America
  • Strengthening diplomatic relations with the Africa & Central Asia

Advanced Diplomacy Commensurate with Korea?s National Power in the World:

  • Expanding international contributions to commensurate with Korea?s economic power
  • Increasing participation from the nationals in major international organizations
  • Active reflection of Korean viewpoint with regard to UN Reformation
  • Contribution to promoting the universal values and resolving global issues
  • Strengthening soft power via Cultural Diplomacy

Economic and Trade Diplomacy to Build an Advanced Trading Nation:

  • Pursuit of the FTA to create economic growth potentials
  • Reflection of Korean viewpoints on the DDA Negotiations
  • Establishment of public consensus on the trade policies
  • Proactive responses towards the major trade issues and import restrictions
  • Strategic pursuit of the energy and resources diplomacy objective

Open Diplomacy with the People:

  • Expanding the support for foreign policies through two-way communication
  • Supporting the internationalization of the local governments
  • Reinforcing support for the nationals abroad
  • Public campaign to improve the image of Koreans abroad
  • Enhancing services of the nationals activities abroad


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