Aerostar S.A.

01.General Information

Aerostar is a Romanian aerospace company mainly active in the areas of military aircraft repairs and upgrades, production of light aircraft, of hydraulic equipment for aviation and piston engines, as well as the production of electronics and other specialized equipment.
Company also specializes in supply, repair, production of spare parts and aggregates for aircraft and aero engines, production of aircraft instruments, as well as for production of special aviation tools, needed by the Armed Forces of the People's Republic of Romania,
Aerostar consists of four divisions

  • Systems Division
  • Industrial Products Division
  • Technology (Support) Plant
  • Commercial Division

It has manufactured the IAR-93 prototype aircraft and the fighter plane for the Romanian defence industry.

Programmes of the company include:

Military Aviation Maintenance: Aerostar provides general overhaul, modifications and upgrades for platforms and airborne systems for the aircraft types: MiG-21, L-29, and L-39, acting into local market and for foreign customers. The main client from the local market is the Ministry of Defence

Civil Aviation Maintenance: company is authorized Part-145 for civil aviation maintenance and completed gradually the activities in this field. It is authorized for works for Boeing 737 aircraft series 200-900, BAe 146 series 100-300 and AVRO 146 series RJ70/RJ85/RJ100/RJ115, SAAB 340 and SAAB 2000 for certain components and systems.

Jet Engines Overhaul: Aerostar can supply to the customer the overhaul of the engines installed on these aircraft. Engine types overhauled by Aerostar include:

  • R-11-300 (product 37)
  • R-11F-300 (product 37F)
  • R-13-300 (product 95)
  • R-25-300 (product 25)
  • AI-25TL
  • M-701 C-500
  • Turbo starter Saphire-5
  • VK-1 and WJ-

Aero-structures manufacturing: Aerostar develops its own new programs for civil airplanes. Company is also an EADS authorized supplier for Airbus aircraft parts and assemblies manufacturing.

Ground Defence Systems Integration: Aerostar has acted for continuous development of the status as integration, manufacturing, modernization and maintenance house. The program contains activities as manufacturing and installation of the following components of the system:

  • Brigade/battalion/battery command post
  • Artillery forward observer (reconnaisance post
  • Upper air sounding station;
  • Logistic vehicles.

Aviation Parts Machining: It produces landing gears hydraulic components for all types of aircraft. It is A2 level agreed supplier for Messier Dowty, for machining of complete products.

Company focus on the upgrade of the MiG-21 Lancer aircraft of the Romanian Air Force, the upgrade programmes for the Lancer family aircrafts including Mig-21, Mig-21 bis, the upgrade demonstrator programme MiG-29 SNIPER, as well as the modernisation of the trainer airplane YAK-52W and YAK-52TW. In addition it also concentrates on the modernisation programme LAROM for the ground defence systems.

Aerostar S.A works closely with companies like Elbit Systems, Thomson-CSF Communications, and DaimlerChrysler Aerospace.

Aerostar S.A.has been Certified to ISO 9000 issued by Military Surveillance Office (OMCAS) Romania.


Address:Str. Condorilor nr.9 Bacau R-600302 Romania
Phone No:+402-34-575070
Fax No:+402-34-572259