Condor S.A.

01.General Information

Condor S.A. being the member of Parachute Industry Association specializes in the manufacture of parachutes and military flight equipment for military and commercial sectors.

Its indicative product line includes:

Combat and emergency parachutes: It includes

  • Personnel parachutes
  • Ejection seat parachutes
  • Cargo parachutes
  • Brake parachutes                           

 Equipment and garments for pilots: Company provides

  • Paratrooper equipment
  • Flight overalls

 Protection suits for firefighters: It provides

  • Jackets and parkas
  • Two-piece overalls, overalls, gowns
  • Bulletproof vests
  • Protective clothing for firefighters

Cargo systems equipment: It includes

  • Parkas, jackets, and trousers
  • Vests and anoraks
  • Sport caps

In additional the Products offered by the company include:

  • Combat and emergency parachutes
  • Equipment and garments for pilots
  • Protection suits for firefighters
  • Cargo systems equipment
  • Military and protection garments
  • Power chutes
  • Civilian parachute
  • Plastic shell seat with thick foam

It offers services like repair, and overhauling of parachute, customer support, product designing, engineering, distribution, testing, quality assurance, importing, exporting, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Condor's partners are among others, Romanian Air Force and Romanian Paratroops.

Condor complies with SR EN ISO 9001/1995 standard.


Address:57 Vergului Street,
2nd District Bucharest 022447 Romania
Phone No:+40-21-2555660
Fax No:+40-21-2550065