Aydin Yazilim ve Elektronik Sanayii A.S. (AYESAS)

01.General Information

Aydin Yazilim ve Elektronik Sanayii A.S. (AYESAS) specializes in the design and production of software and electronics for C3I applications for the defence, avionics, and telecommunication sectors.

It also provides advanced solutions in the business areas of C4I, Avionics, and electronic and electromechanical systems for aerospace, defense and security businesses.

Its main areas of interest include:


  • Command and control software
  • Avionics software

C4I systems:

  • Turkish mobile radar complexes
  • NATO command and control integration
  • Communication networks
  • Ground to air radios

Avionics software development:

  • S-70 MFD foundation software
  • S-92 MDC/DCU foundation software
  • Digital moving map
  • Traffic collision avoidance system TCAS
  • T3CAS transponder
  • JSF F-35 panoramic cockpit display

Its system engineering and production products and capabilities include:

  • Real-time software development
  • Independent verification & validation and reverse engineering
  • Technical data communication
  • Electronic and electromechanical system design, production assembly
  • Workstations and computers
  • Ruggedisation of electronic equipment
  • Command and Control (C2) consoles for sea and air platforms
  • Aerospace harness design and manufacturing
  • Simulation systems
  • UHF/VHF radios
  • Metalwork fabrication
  • Communications hardware
  • Shelterization
  • Radar data integration
  • Real time C3 Systems
  • Data fusion

capabilities of the company includes design and development to build-to-print manufacturing solutions like tactical data communication, automated target detection and tracking, radar integration and automation, digital moving maps, multi-function consoles, and wiring harnesses, rugged workstations.

Company has memberships in the following associations and organizations:

  • Defence Industry Manufacturers Association (SaSaD)
  • American Turkish Council (ATC) (Golden Horn Member)
  • Quality Association (KalDer)

Certifications and standards include:

  • AQAP-110 
  • AQAP-150   
  • AQAP-160   
  • CMM 
  • EFQM  
  • DO-178B 
  • P-CMM 
  • DI-IPSC-81427 
  • DI-IPSC-81428  
  • DI-IPSC-81430   
  • DI-IPSC-81431   
  • DI-IPSC-81432  
  • DI-IPSC-81433  
  • DI-IPSC-81434


Address:Karamanlilar Caddesi No:7
Sincan Organize Sanayi Bolgesi Sincan Ankara 06930 Turkey
Phone No:+90 312 2672727
Fax No:+90 312 2670115