Association of the Defence Industry of the Slovak Republic

01.General Information

Association of the Defence Industry of the Slovak Republic (ADISR) is an association uniting legal entrepreneuring entities operating in the field of defence industry. The Association was established by forty founding members during the Establishing Meeting. The members of the Association are development, manufacturing and trading industrial companies, military technical and testing institutes, military repair plants and universities.
Main aim of the Association of the Defence Industry of the Slovak Republic (ADISR) includes:

  • Promote and protect any entrepreneurial and commercial interests of its members through a permanent dialog with the National Council, Government of Slovakia, Ministries and other bodies of the State Administration
  • Promote and support its members in presenting their production plans/goals and products to seek involvement in new development and modernization programs announced by the Armed Forces and other corps of the Slovak Republic
  • Promote and facilitate new business contacts between foreign partners and ADISR members and thus promote their export capabilities in the field of defense equipment, armaments, material and services
  • Provide organizational, economic and other specialized consultancy
  • Promote and coordinate research, development and testing activities in the field of defense equipment and material to establish for its members a comparable environment to the EU and NATO countries
  • Promote common interests of research and development institutions when applying for grants or responding to various tenders for development of new defense related products and/or technologies
  • Organize educational and promotional activities for its members

Capabilities of the Slovak Defense Industry include:

  • Production of artillery equipment and weapons systems for tanks and combat vehicles
  • Production of tanks and light wheeled armored vehicles
  • Production and modernization of both wheeled and tracked armored vehicles
  • Production of arms and small-caliber ammunition
  • Production and filling of large-caliber ammunition including 30 mm ammunition
  • Production of plastic explosives and explosives for filling of large-caliber ammunition
  • Research and development of various weapons systems, artillery equipment and ammunition, mobile command and control systems, testing of defense related equipment
  • Design, development and production of medium-class trucks and assemblies of armored vehicles
  • Design, development and production of fuel and water tankers and carriers
  • Design, development and production of engineering equipment and mine-clearing systems
  • Production of transmissions for tanks and armored vehicles
  • Production of shell bodies and cartridges for large-caliber ammunition
  • Design, development and production of electronic devices for outfit of individual troops, combat vehicles and mobile systems
  • Design, development and production of various versions of tanks and armored vehicles
  • Design, development and production of air-traffic control systems and other support aviation systems
  • Design, development and production of training systems and simulators
  • Military maintenance and repair facilities for defense equipment, ground and aviation systems and materiel that come under the responsibility of MOD of Slovakia including military technical and testing institutes
  • Marketing and sales of defense equipment in accordance with the Act NO. 179/1998 of the Code by the National Council
  • Supply of spare parts, provision of logistic support and other related services

Association works closely with Association of Defense Industry of the Czech Republic, Polish Chamber of Nationol Defence Manufactures, Defence Industry Association of Hungary, France Conversia, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia - Defence Industry Section, Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic Army Modernization and Support Section, etc.


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