EVPU a.s.

01.General Information


EVPU a.s., specializes in the design and development of power electronics' equipment, control systems, control circuits and robotized workstations and design of technological and automatic lines and single-purpose machines for defense and commercial applications since 1968.


It is development-research and production Company that specializes in supply of equipments of power electronics, control and driving systems and special-purpose machines and is specialized for services in the area of certification, testing and codification.


Its product list includes: 

  • Frequency converters for industrial applications
  • Magnetic circuits
  • Automatic assembly machines for rolling bearings
  • Packaging machines for paper industry
  • Battery chargers and dischargers
  • Power supplies
  • Converters
  • Modernization of T3 MOD tram


In additional the company also offers products under various sectors includes:



  • Components for T 72-M2 tank modernization
  • Components for reconnaisance and observation set
  • Components for recovery tank
  • Components for modernization of OT-90M armoured transporter
  • Modular components for fire control system
  • Training and simulation equipment


Electrocomponents for railways:

  • Components for carriages
  • Components for locomotives
  • Infrastructure for railways
  • Electrocomponents for urban transport


Military and security program:

  • Modernization of anti aircraft twin cannon ZU23M
  • Electronics systems and upgrades for land forces
  • Equipment for optoelectrnics systems
  • Weapon station ZRSD07
  • Other equipment and systems
  • Simulators


Current power supply:

  • PS 12-400
  • PS 24-500
  • PS 25-120
  • PS 90-5
  • PS 120-20
  • PS 400-200


EVPU a.s. has been quality certified to ISO 9001 standard.



Address:Trencianska 19 Nov? Dubnica 018 51 Slovak Republic
Phone No:+421-(0)42-4409111
Fax No:+421-(0)42-4434252