Capewell Components

01.General Information

Capewell was established in 1881. Located in South Windsor, CT, USA, Capewell is the premier Life Support and Aerial Delivery manufacturer in the world.


Capewell originally manufactured horseshoe nails for customers such as the US Calvary, and therefore are proud to state that they have been a supplier to the US Military for over 120 years.

The Life Support and Aerospace Division has been supplying the US forces with the famous "Capewell" Parachute Release for over 60 years and continues this tradition with Ripcords, Cable Assemblies and Parachute Hardware for worldwide military forces. The Capewell (Frost) Pilot Canopy Release is used on F-16, F-22, JSF, B1, B2 and Joint Primary Aircraft Trainer System (JPATS) aircraft and beyond.

Capewell's Aerial Delivery Division designs and manufactures Aerial Delivery Platforms and Containers (Type V, A22 etc), airdrop systems, extraction and internal logistics/transport equipment, for military and humanitarian operations.


Capewell also produces specialty items such as CDS Towplates, CDS Buffer Stop Assemblies (BSA)/Center Vertical Restraint Systems (CVRS), C17 Dual Row Airdrop System (DRAS) Platforms and Outrigger Assemblies, Cargo Parachute Releases and Helicopter Underslung Lifting Equipment (HUSLE).

The Safety Division offers automatic descent control devices for emergency evacuation from wide body aircraft configurations and a line of high quality manual descenders designed for military, industrial and professional fire service applications. Other specialty products include Special Forces Military Compact Descender (MCD) S.P.I.E and Fast Ropes.


Services provided by the company are basic airdrop load fabrication course, intermediate airdrop load fabrication course, joint airdrop inspectors course, parachute packing course, research, development, operational test and evaluation.


Clients list includes AirBorne Freight, BF Goodrich, Delta Airlines, Irvin Aerospace, LockHeed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Boeing, United Airlines, and United Technologies.


Address:105 Nutmeg Road South South Windsor Connecticut CT 06074 USA
Phone No:+1 860 610 0700
Fax No:+1 860 610 0120