Ministry of Transport (Malaysia)

01.General Information

Ministry of Transport (Malaysia) is responsible in matters pertaining to road transport, civil aviation, land, mineral, and communications. It was established since 1956.

Ministry is divided into divisions namely:

Aviation division: Its main functions include:

  • To develop an efficient, economical and safe air transport system for passengers and cargo
  • To plan and implement infrastructural projects to meet the demands of air transport

Its responsibilities include:

  • To plan and review the policies relating to air services from time to time
  • To expand the international air services network through air negotiations
  • To ensure the planning, building and maintenance of airport infrastructure is in accordance with the specified standards
  • To ensure that all existing rules and regulations in air transport / aviation are in accordance with the guidelines stipulated by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)

Land division: Its main functions include:

  • To formulate policies, undertake research and to plan and coordinate developmental aspects of rail-based transport in order to create an efficient, economical and safe rail-based transport system
  • To ensure that rail-based transport development is in line with the socio-economic development of the country
  • To plan and to establish a convenient rail-based transport system which will encourage the use of rail-based transport
  • To inculcate understanding and awareness of the importance of road safety among the public

Its responsibilities include: 

  • To review laws and rules of rail-based transport
  • To monitor and coordinate infrastructure development projects in the rail-based transport sector
  • Enforcement of the Railway Act 1991
  • To regulate the rates/fares of railway operators

Maritime division: Its main function includes:

  • To build a modern, efficient and a safe maritime sector and carry out intersectoral activities in an effective, efficient and organised manner towards making Malaysia a maritime nation

Its other responsibilities include:

  • To formulate policies relating to navigation safety, as well as development and operation of sea transport, ports and shipping
  • To plan, coordinate and monitor development projects relating to ports and also projects under the Marine Department
  • To study, review and draft laws relating to ports and shipping and to ratify related maritime international conventions
  • To process and issue domestic shipping licenses
  • To coordinate intersectoral maritime activities towards the creation of an integrated ocean management

Management services division: Its main function is to to provide an efficient and effective administrative system in order to facilitate the needs of all levels within the Ministry, Departments and Agencies under the Ministry of Transport.

Its responsibilities include:

  • To conduct and manage personnel matters such as recruitment, transfers, confirmation as well as pensionable or retirement status for officers and staff of the Ministry/ Departments/Agencies
  • To coordinate and manage promotions, the acting or covering of posts as well as handling contract officers/staff or the temporary placement of officers/ staff in the Ministry/Departments/Agencies
  • To coordinate, manage and monitor disciplinary matters and declarations of assets of officers / staff in the Ministry / Departments/Agencies as well as the preparation of the Income Status Statement [Kew 8] for new officers/staff or for those on promotions/transfers
  • To manage the Assessment Examinations and Courses under the SSM for officers/staff in the Ministry/Departments and Agencies
  • To coordinate and manage training courses such as Induction Courses as well as seminars or workshops so as to improve competency levels among the officers/staff of the Ministry/Departments / Agencies
  • To manage and prepare the yearly Performance Appraisal Reports for the Human Resource Development Panel so as to determine the salary increments of the officers/staff in the Ministry / Departments/Agencies
  • To manage the processing and identification of suitable candidates in the Ministry/Departments/Agencies for the bestowing of Federal and State honorary Titles and Medals
  • To review and inspect new posts or job schemes as proposed by the Departments/Agencies so as to ensure that it is in accordance with the organization's needs
  • To study and review any proposed reorganization structure in the Ministry/ Departments/Agencies so as to improve the efficiency of the respective organization
  • To manage and monitor any proposed privatization structure in the Departments/Agencies so as to ensure that it is being implemented according to the relevant government circulars
  • To coordinate and perform as secretariat for the Management Integrity Committee, Red Tape Bureaucracy Task Force Committee, Asset Management Committee, Corporate Governance Committee, Web Site Committee and Head of Departments Meetings
  • To manage and coordinate matters pertaining assets and inventory of the Ministry

Finance division: Its main functions are two provide:

  • To provide support services pertaining to budget, contract and finance matters for the Ministry, departments and statutory bodies under The Ministry of Transport
  • To ensure that finance, budget and contract matters are handled efficiently and effectively

Its responsibilities include:

  • To prepare the annual operating and development budget for the Ministry
  • To coordinate the budget preparations of the departments and statutory bodies
  • To monitor the performance of the operating and development expenditures of the Ministry, departments and statutory bodies under the Ministry of Transport
  • To ensure contract and procurement procedures are adhered to
  • To provide secretariat functions for the Financial and Account Management Committee, Procurement Committee, Price Negotiation Committee, Quotation Committee, and Tender Board Committee.

Corporate and International division: Its main functions include:

  • To coordinate and monitor the planning and formulation of transport sector policies
  • To coordinate international cooperation (multilateral and bilateral) in the transport sector
  • To plan, implement and coordinate activities of the National Transit Transport Coordinating Committee
  • To act as a focal point for communication with the public

Its functions include:

  • To coordinate issues pertaining to national transport policies in the maritime, civil aviation and land transport sectors
  • To coordinate and monitor inter-agency issues in the transport sector
  • To coordinate international cooperation programs (multilateral, bilateral and regional) in the transport sector
  • To coordinate public relations activities for the Ministry
  • To collate, update and disseminate transport sector statistics from time to time


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