MARLOG Marine Logistik GmbH & Co. KG

01.General Information

MARLOG was founded in the year 1979 by its shareholders HOWALDTSWERKE-DEUTSCHE WERFT AG in Kiel and FERROSTAAL AG (today MAN Ferrostaal AG) in Essen to satisfy customers needs for their Navy products during their in-service phase, world-wide. It provides specialized life cycle support to complex systems of Navy Ships.

Services provided:

Purchasing, Identification of Items, Packing, Financing, Offset, Obtaining Export Licence, Documentation, Logistic Support, After-sales service for all types of naval vessels.

It offers Industrial after Sales Services and Customer orientated Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) such as:

  • Supply of spare parts includes platform, weapon and control, and infrastructure.
  • It offers consultancy in ILS - System, maintenance concept and work planning, obsolescence management, refit/modernization, and upgrade of infrastructure.
  • Technical assistance
  • It provides refresher training on maintenance training on system and handling of technical or logistic information.
  • Supply of special test and measurement equipment tools such as  frequency converter
  • It offers infrastructures and shore base facilities like battery charging station, jigs, welding equipment, outfit of workshops and storages, repacking equipment, power stations, communication equipment, and mobile workshops.

MARLOG is established to perform and to safeguard as specialized supply channel the operation of the boats, ships and maritime infrastructure by fulfilling the in-service logistic needs of the respective customer based on the following aspects such as

  • Direct access to the original builders and manufacturers by daily business. Company also maintains data base with over 300.000 line items
  • Planning of technical-logistic activities such as supply, storage, packing, maintenance, repair or refit
  • Minimizing administration efforts and monitor actions
  • Permanent business with more than 500 manufacturers of naval material supported by hotline services
  • Reduction of increasing maintenance costs
  • Decrease of inventory cost by frame contracting with short delivery times

MARLOG provides logistic support packages delivered to the Navy with the respective submarine or surface ship. It refers not only to material supplies, but also to information updates, refresher trainings and infrastructures.

It is well understood that efficient procedures depending on Navy?s ILS organization and its data base have to be established by MARLOG to ensure availability of spare parts as well as special to type test and measurement equipment.

Services provided by the company are purchasing, identification of items, packing, financing, offset, obtaining export license, documentation, logistic support, after-sales service for all types of naval vessels.


Address:Werftstrasse 179 Kiel D- 24124 Germany
Phone No:+49 431 7050 0
Fax No:+49 431 7050 121