CPI Microwave Power Products (CPI MPP)

01.General Information

CPI Microwave Power Products (CPI MPP) is a manufacturer of klystrons, helix TWTs, coupled cavity TWTs, gyrotrons, complex transmitter subsystems, and microwave power modules (MPMs). These products serve the communications, radar, medical, electronic warfare, industrial and scientific markets.

Its products list includes:-

  • Coupled cavity TWTs
  • Pulsed gyrotron oscillators
  • CW gyrotron oscillators
  • Gyrotron amplifiers
  • Mini helix TWTs
  • Instrumentation helix TWTs
  • Standard communication helix TWTs
  • Klystrons
  • CW operation microwave power modules
  • Transmitter subsystems


Address:3120 Hansen Way
P.O. Box 50690 Palo Alto California (CA) 94303-0750 USA
Phone No:+1-650-8463073
Fax No:+1-650-8571708