ELAN Elektronische- und Anzeiger Gesellschaft mbH

01.General Information

ELAN Elektronische- und Anzeiger Gesellschaft mbH designs and manufactures radio navigation equipments for defense, military, aircrafts and armed forces. It is a subsidiary of International Aerospace Inc, USA.

Company's product list are-

Flight Navigation Instruments:

  • Horizontal situation indicator P/N 29800 series
  • Bearing distance heading indicator P/N 14100-2C series
  • Bearing distance heading indicator P/ N 12000
  • Radio magnetic indicator Type 90000-C
  • Distance measuring display p/N 83200 series 

Airborne Navigation Systems:

  • Airborne navigation system AN/ARN 52
  • Airborne navigation system AN/ARN 84
  • Airborne navigation system AN/ARN 91
  • Airborne navigation system AN/ARN 105
  • Airborne navigation system AN/ARN 118

Ground support Equipment:

  • TACAN beacon simulator
  • TACAN beacon simulator type DTS 101A
  • TACAN control test set type TE 084-005 B
  • Gated pulse combiner type GPC 223
  • Pulse power meter

Test System and calibration equipment:

  • Universal test set TE 25000
  • DME transponder test set ARM 184
  • Universal test set TE 25000
  • DME P/N interrogator and transponder test set
  • Universal test set BB 238 A 
  • Universal test set TE 601-A1
  • TACAN ramp test set MTS- 100
  • TACAN beacon simulator DTS-101B / BSR

In additional, the company also offers products like-

  • TACAN ramp test set BB-227 MTS-100 
  • WRT-100 weather and wind shear radar ramp test set
  • Multi- indicator tester BB-238 
  • MTS-300A threat signal generator
  • TACAN beacon simulator GS 289A  
  • PDME-200 MLS DME P/N interrogator and transponder test set
  • Multi- TACAN control tester TE- 084-005B
  • Multi-indicator testers
  • Microwave landing system type PDME-200

ELAN Elektronische-und Anzeiger Gesellschaft mbH has its operational relations with other European competent industries like Westland Helicopters, Racal, Thomson CSF and Lockheed.

Few of its customers are French M.O.D, EADS-Eurocopter, Sogerma, Thales, Portuguese M.O.D, and U.S M.O.D.

It also provides maintenance, technical and logistic support service for its clients. Company's products are certified to JAR-21/145 Standard.


Address:Fritz-Ullmann-Strasse 2 Mainz-Kastel 55252 Germany
Phone No:+49(0)6134-71950
Fax No:+49(0)6134-1792