Texplorer## GmbH

01.General Information

Texplorer® GmbH develops and produces technical textiles for Military, Defence, and Civil Forces.

Their products are:

  • Camouflage nets: These nets were introduced by German Army and it protect against detection by thermal cameras. Camouflage nets are designed for woodland, desert and arctic/winter.
  • Thermal sheets: These are used to cover hot spots such as engines or the exhaust pipe.
  • Chemical and Biological agents: These agents provide protection against various threats such as war agents in gaseous, liquid and aerosol form, and organic as well as inorganic chemicals.
  • Electromagnetic fields: Texplorer® has developed a special garment called Ghost® and it is available in various camouflage prints. Ghost® material is used for the manufacture of tarpaulins.
  • Thermal cameras

Few of its clients are German Special Forces, Defence Logistics Operation, Romanian MoD, NFM Caseb, Advanced Combat Uniform, Dual Use Science & Technology, etc...

The company is certified to AQAP 130 and AQAP 2131 Standards.



Address:Van-der-Upwich-Str. 37 Nettetal 41334 Germany
Phone No:+49 2153 9540 0
Fax No:+49 2153 9540 70