Bladhs Eesti AS

01.General Information

Bladhs Eesti AS is a part of the Plastics business area focuses on injection molding of technical plastic products since 1946.

company as a part of the Plastics business area since 1999, focuses on injection moulding of technical plastic products. Their activities include everything from injection moulding to assembly, packing, etc. They also supply embossed and printed product parts.

Company produces double and triples injection molding, and produces injection molded plastic parts.

They also manufacture a wide range of industrial products and consumer products. They also manufacture many small parts, many of them for the white goods, electronics, and engineering and car industries. Most of their products are made in thermoplastic material but they also mount metal inserts (bolts/bushings). While they have the resources to handle large series, they also have the flexibility to manage smaller series. They have 26 injection moulding machines and their machines range from 35 to 320 tons.

Its capability list includes:

  • Injection molding
  • Injection molding
  • Mercenaries
  • Injection molding
  • Plastics extrusion
  • Plastics
  • Polymers
  • Assembly
  • Tool making
  • Mold

Company assembles the injection molding components. Inmedic AB operates as a systems supplier of complex medical device disposables.

They offer their services as a total supplier who can take full responsibility for everything from construction to production. They have their own in-house tool and assembly facilities. The order routines for many of their customers are handled via EDI

Bladhs and Inmedic represent the combined operations of Bladhs Plast Bredaryd AB, Bladhs Plast Gislaved AB, Bladhs Eesti AS, Inmedic AB, and Inmedic AS.

Bladhs Eesti AS has been quality certified to ISO 9001 2000 standard.




Address:Betooni 9 Tallinn 11415 Estonia
Phone No:+372 60 593 30
Fax No:+372 60 593 37