Royal army forces

01.General Information

Royal army forces was created with the French support and initially consisted of transport aircraft and helicopters of French and American origin.
Royal Armed forces is the name given to the Army with the Morocco. It is directed by the king of Morocco which carries the title of "supreme leader and chief of general staff of the royal Armed forces".

The Royal Moroccan Armed Forces is the summation of the armed forces of the kingdom of Morocco. It was founded in 1956 (except the Royal Navy founded in 1960) after Morocco's independence from France and Spain.

It is structured into six different branches namely:

Royal Moroccan Air Force: The Royal Moroccan Air Force (RMAF) is the air force branch of the Moroccan Armed Forces.
Royal Army: The Royal Moroccan Army forms a part of the FAR ( Forces Armes Royals, Royal Armed Forces ) of Morocco.

Royal Navy: The Royal Moroccan Navy is the naval branch of the military of Morocco. The location of its largest base is Casablanca with smaller bases at Agadir, Al Hoceima, Dakhla, Kenitra, Safi and Tangier.

Royal Gendarmerie: The Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie is the Gendarmerie body of
Morocco. The Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie was founded in 1957.

Royal Guard: Moroccan Royal Guard is the official Royal Guard of Morocco. The Royal Guard is officially part of the Royal Moroccan Army. It is under the direct operational control of the Royal Military Household of His Majesty the King.

The sole duty of the guard is to provide for the security and safety of the King and royal family of Morocco. Formerly known as the Sharifian Guard (the King of Morocco is a Sheriff) the name was changed to Royal guard after Morocco gained its independence in 1956.

The Guard was also unofficially referred to as the Black Guard, and it is currently organized as a Brigade of 6000 troops as follows:

  • 4 Infantry Battalions, each of 25 officers and 1000 troops
  • 2 Cavalry Squadrons
  • Auxiliary Forces


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