OBR Centrum Techniki Morskiej

01.General Information

OBR Centrum Techniki Morskiej specializes in the research, development and implementation of modern technology solutions in weapon and equipment systems for navy, military, and security organizations.

Few of its products are:-

  • Active stationary sonar AS2
  • Absorbers
  • Electric field sensors
  • Double-linear rubber absorber
  • Antennas commutator
  • Magnetic linear barrier
  • HF Modem 
  • Software ACP-127
  • Software Teletype
  • Radionavigation hiperbolic system
  • HF transceiver Model RKS - 8000
  • Hull mounted mine hunting sonar SHL-100AM
  • Submarine detection and localization fixed system
  • Cathodic protection system
  • Radio resources management system
  • Integrated communication system for naval vessels
  • Ruggedized tempest monitor
  • Multifunctional operating command aid console
  • Multifunctional operator
  • Influence magneto-acoustic sweep
  • Remotely wireless fired charges for sea mines disposal
  • Integrated navigation system

Some of its capabilities are-

  • CTM is working on several projects utilizing the co-operation with national scientific, Research and development and production centres.
  • Results of research carried out in scientific military and civilian academic centers are widely exploited.
  • Joint research and implementation undertakings were carried out with military and civilian research and development centres.
  • Projects, implementations and experimental research as well as prototype manufacturing is performed, mainly in the area of naval and civilian maritime technology.
  • Center participates actively in international exchange of knowledge and technology, particularly in the aspect of integration of Poland with European structures.
  • CTM specialists participate in activities at various levels of NATO organisation and agencies. CTM is an active member of many international Organizations e.g. AFCEA and AOC.
  • Company maintains bilateral contacts with numerous foreign governmental organizations, scientific centers and commercial firms. 

It offers laboratory services like CE product marking, equipment compliance with polish defense standards, and product environmental testing. In additional it also provides construction design and realization services.
OBR Centrum Techniki Morskiej is a member of Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association.

Company has been certified to ISO 9001:2001 and AQAP 2110:2003 standards.


Address:Dickmana 62 Gdynia 81-109 Poland
Phone No:48 58 666 54
Fax No: