Ministry of Health Singapore

01.General Information

Ministry of Health Singapore specializes in providing healthcares services comprising public and private healthcare, housing, education, medical services, safe water supply and sanitation, and preventive medicine.

Some of its roles and responsibilities include:

  • Build healthy population
  • Manage Disease Holistically Instead Of Episodically
  • Exploit IT maximally
  • Counter disease outbreak
  • Manage medical inflation
  • Ensure long-term healthcare financing
  • Safeguard medical standard
  • Exploit economic value as regional medical hub

Its capabilities include:-

Promote good health and reduce illness: It specializes in educating and providing information to the public to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Ministry also plays a key role in reducing illnesses in Singapore through the control and prevention of diseases.
Ensure access to good and affordable healthcare:  It is responsible for ensuring that healthcare in Singapore is characterized by good clinical outcomes and professional standards, and services delivered are appropriate to each patient?s needs.

Pursue medical excellence: Its healthcare system increases number of foreign patients for treatment in Singapore.

It offers services like:-

Residential Intermediate and Long Term Care Healthcare Services: It includes inpatient hospice care, sheltered home for ex-mentally ill, and respite care.

Community-based Intermediate and Long Term Care Healthcare Services: It includes home medical, home nursing, home hospice care services, day rehabilitation, etc.
In addition, it is also involved in the control of illness and disease in the country, coordinating the utilization of resources and expertise.

It offers healthcare programmes like:

  • Childhood injury prevention programme
  • Community health screening
  • Mental health education programme
  • National myopia prevention programme
  • Mental health education programme
  • National smoking control programme
  • Nutrition programme
  • Osteoporosis education programme
  • Workplace health promotion programme

Ministry of Health Singapore has received awards such as Public Service Award, Singapore Quality Class and Innovation Class, and People Developer Certificate.


Address:16 College Road 169854 Singapore
Phone No:65 6325 9220
Fax No:65 6224 1677