01.General Information

RIMAX PLASTICOS LTDA., is a company devoted to the manufacturing and commercialization of plastic products. It is one of the largest Latin American companies which develops a wide range of decorative plastic products for home as well as business in general. Its plant is located in Cali, Colombia and exports to American, European and Asian countries.

Rimax Plastics supplies plastic products which fulfill all of the established quality requirements, guaranteeing them to be reliable products which satisfy customers. With this goal in mind it endeavors to maintain all of its processes updated with modern technologies and its human resources committed to continuous improvement. Everyone working in the company should be aware of this policy and make an effort to assure that it is carried out.

The company's mission is to manufacture and commercialize, at a nationwide and international scale, innovative products based on plastic resin transformation for homes, institutions and industries, with modern designs, great functionality and durability, in order to make their lives and businesses easier, more pleasant and productive.


Address:Cra 25 # 13-440 Ciudadela la "Y" Autopista Cali Yumbo Valle Colombia
Phone No:+57 2 608 0025
Fax No:+57 2 666 5010