01.General Information



AVIONES DE COLOMBIA LTDA., is a Colombian company that provides aeronautical engineering services and is certified as an Aeronautical Repair Station.


AVIONES DE COLOMBIA LTDA. is situated at the Guaymaral airport in Bogota and focuses on aircraft maintenance, structural repairs and propeller and governor overhauls. The company identifies as one of its top priorities the provision of high quality, timely and reliable services to its customers.


AVIONES DE COLOMBIA LTDA. believes in the continuous improvement of its machinery and personnel since its success depends on employing skilled and motivated individuals, their ability to develop their own potential, and their teamwork skills.




AVIONES DE COLOMBIA LTDA.’s main goal is to address the needs of the aviation industry in Colombia, to ensure the customer satisfaction by providing high quality services and to offer sustainable profitability to its shareholders and professional growth to its employees.




AVIONES DE COLOMBIA LTDA.’s vision is to become an outstanding organization dedicated to repairing propellers and governors and providing an excellent aircraft maintenance service, with a multinational presence, and to be known as a leader in the aviation industry.


AVIONES DE COLOMBIA LTDA. is a customer oriented company that supports teamwork and encourages open communication and technological innovation by continuously trying to improve and widen its knowledge.




  • Customer oriented,
  • Participative management,
  • Strict security parameters,
  • Open communication,
  • Social Responsibility,
  • Technological innovation,
  • To value human resources,
  • Continuous Improvement and learning.




The UAEAC-CDF-033 Certification: AVIONES DE COLOMBIA LTDA.’s employees as well as its operations are certified by the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority (UAEAC- Unidad Administrativa Especial de Aeronáutica Civil). AVIONES DE COLOMBIA LTDA. is certified as an Aeronautical Repair Station (TAR – Taller Aeronáutico de Reparaciones). The company’s mechanics are certified as maintenance and repair technicians for the various services the company provides.



Address: Autopista Norte Km 16 Aeropuerto Guaymaral, Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Phone No: +57 1 668 6968
Fax No: +57 1 676 4274
e-mail: avionesdecolombia@hotmail.com
Website: N/A