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The ITSA - INSTITUTO TECNOLOGICO DE SOLEDAD ATLANTICO, is a public institution of higher education specialized in the formation of professionals in technology. It is an acknowledged institution acting with transparency, efficiency, effectiveness and social responsibility, using high quality personnel, and implementing information technology and communications as well as innovative strategies aimed at strengthening the Colombian education system.



The ITSA - INSTITUTO TECNOLOGICO DE SOLEDAD ATLANTICO is certified under ISO 9001:2008 and NTC GP1000:2009 Quality Management Certifications.





The ITSA - INSTITUTO TECNOLOGICO DE SOLEDAD ATLANTICO is a public institution for higher education, committed to the integral development of human talent that is capable of applying and disseminating technologies that respond to the needs of the productive and social sectors in the Caribbean Region.





The ITSA - INSTITUTO TECNOLOGICO DE SOLEDAD ATLANTICO aims to be recognized as a modern higher education institution with a high level of sustainability as well as a leader in Colombia in the generation of pre-university courses, which promote equitable access to higher education and research and development activities that contribute to the development of the Caribbean Region.





The ITSA - INSTITUTO TECNOLOGICO DE SOLEDAD ATLANTICO aims to promote the development of knowledge through innovative social, cultural, technical, technological and scientific programs seeking to meet the needs of the community. It also encourages interaction between the Institution and the productive sector through advisory and consulting services and innovative social projects in the Caribbean Region:


  • Encouragement and promotion of the culture of internationalization,
  • Management and permanent monitoring of its strategic guidelines,
  • Incorporation of the dimension of internationalization in mission processes.
  • Creation of alliances, agreements and connections with international academic and productive networks,
  • Promotion of the participation in international meetings so as to be recognized internationally,
  • Promotion of international academic mobility,
  • Double degree programs management.


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ISO 9001:2008



Calle 18 No. 39-100, Soledad, Atlantico, Colombia

Phone No:

+57 5 374 6869, +57 5 374 4936, +57 5 374 5911

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+57 5 374 6632