01.General Information


METROCARIBE S.A., is a Colombian company located in the city of Barranquilla and established in 2000 as a limited liability company. In November 2001, the Company was transformed into an Anonymous Company.


METROCARIBE S.A. was created by a group of physicists and engineers with experience in metrology, who detected the need for enterprises to comply with ISO 9001 standards. This was an opportunity for them to join forces and provide high quality services related to metrology and consultancy, meeting the needs of the market in terms of quality. As a result of these efforts, METROCARIBE S.A. is today a metrology laboratory that provides high quality services throughout the Caribbean Region.






METROCARIBE S.A.'s mission is to provide solutions to companies and institutions related to the calibration of instrumentation, the implementation of quality management system certifications, business training, the sale of instrumentation and consulting services with the support of competent human resources with high ethical and moral values.




The Company's vision is to become a recognised Colombian metrological laboratory with the support of highly qualified human resources, which contributes to the social, industrial and technological development of the Caribbean region and the country in general.




METROCARIBE S.A. focuses on the satisfaction of customers’ requirements and the continuous improvement of their processes through the provision of industrial metrology services, making use of good professional practices, standardized procedures and competent personnel familiar with the quality documentation and aware of the importance of complying with it.


Currently, METROCARIBE S.A. is certified under the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17025:2005 Quality Management Certifications for the maintenance and calibration of equipment and measurement instrumentation.


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ISO 9001:2008
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ISO 17025:2005


Address: Calle 64 No. 47-102 Barranquilla, Colombia
Phone No: +57 5 369 6215, +57 5 349 4545, +57 5 349 9483
Fax No: +57 5 349 9483