01.General Information


CORPORACION EDUCATIVA INDOAMERICANA, is a  Colombian aviation academy committed to preparing aviation professionals through high quality programs and a team of qualified instructors.







CORPORACION EDUCATIVA INDOAMERICANA is a Colombian institution dedicated to the formation of professionals in the field of aviation, transport and tourism, through a comprehensive training approach.





The Academy aims at becoming a reference in aviation training in Central and South America, who is appreciated for its professionalism and recognized for its excellent academic programs, based on the development of labor skills that strengthen the performance of students and graduates.


The Academy focuses on the continuous improvement of processes in order to achieve academic excellence and performs under the Colombian Aviation Regulations (RAC). It has also implemented the ISO 9001:2008 standard.




Certificates / Awards

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ISO 9001:2008


Address: El Dorado Airport, Entrance 1, Calle 39 # 14 62, Bogota, Colombia
Phone No: +57 1 323 9750
Fax No: +57 1 245 3249