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UNIVERSIDAD PONTIFICIA BOLIVARIANA (UPB), was founded on September 15th 1936, in the city of Medellin, Republic of Colombia, by decree issued by Archbishop, Monsignor Tiberio De Jesus Salazar Y Herrera.







It began activities with 78 students from the Law School and with Monsignor Manuel Jose Sierra as its first President. In 1945, received the title of Pontifical as a holy recognition for its missionary work and it has been called Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB) ever since. It was created by the Catholic Church as legal entity of canonical Law and in addition, it is recognized by the Government Bureau of the Colombian Republic, with legal functions and position of agent of civil right, according to resolution # 48 February 28th, 1937. From its origins, Monsignor Manuel Jose Sierra wanted to create a university upon the Christian Humanism ideals and the thoughts of Simon Bolivar. From that moment on, the "Bolivarian Spirit" was born and it has remained among its alumni throughout the years.


The Archbishop of Medellin is the Great Chancellor of the University. There is also the President, Vicerectors - Academic, Pastoral, Administrative and Financial subjects - General Secretary, School Deans and Faculty Directors.


BOLIVARIANA CULTURAL RADIO STATION A.M. SOCIAL AND PARTICIPATIVE, founded on August 11th, 1948, in 1.110 KHz frequency, 10 kw power. It has regional geographic coverage (metropolitan zone, 14 towns) and reaches approximately 7,000000 inhabitants in this geographic zone. Its programming includes subjects on health, legal culture, society, religion, family and education, among others.


BOLIVARIANA CULTURAL RADIO STATION F.M. CULTURAL AND RECREATIONAL, founded on December 1st, 1992 in 92.4 Mhz frequency, 5 kw power. It covers the Metropolitan Area – the City of Medellin and reaches approximately 4,000.000 inhabitants with programming addressed to the enterprise, executive, and university public, "cultural music" lovers and specialized subjects.


INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL DOCTRINE OF CHURCH, as an educational, diffusion and application center of social doctrine of church and Christian social thought, it has the mission of strengthening social, ethical and mental awareness on leadership. What it purely defines is its devotion to investigation as it generates knowledge addressed to the understanding and solution of social problems, with interdisciplinary work under the light of Christian thought.


BIOETHICS INSTITUTE, It takes part of the university processes within the country, from a multi, inter and transdisciplinary dialogue of knowledge, humanities, life sciences and faith that can offer the necessary elements for consciousness raising on the value of life.


THERMODYNAMICS AND ENERGY INSTITUTE, it is focused on research and technology transfer of energy. It also supports masters and doctorates at the international and national levels, from scientific and administrative points of view. It does research and counseling on the electrical, industrial and public fields with useful programs of energy, optimization of processes, special equipment design, test support and protocol fulfillment. It does research, consultancy and advice to the electric, industrial and public areas on efficient usage of energy, optimization of processes, special equipment design, test accompanying and protocol execution. It also develops clean and well-done technologies to improve the use of nonrenewable power resources. It also advises on the acquisition of industrial equipment and gives support in the transfer of technology related to the power area. It generates new knowledge on advanced thermodynamics outpost.


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  • ASCUN (Asociacion Colombiana de Universidades),
  • FIUC (Federacion Internacional de Universidades Catolicas),
  • AUIP (Asociacion Universitaria Iberoamericana de Postgrado).


Address: Circular 1 # 70-01, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia
Phone No: +57 4 415 9015
Fax No: +57 4 411 8779
e-mail: aeronautica@upb.edu.co
Website: www.upb.edu.co