Ability Computers and Software Industries Ltd.

01.General Information


ABILITY was founded in 1993 by a team of experts in military intelligence and communications who were joined by specialists in electronics and mathematics.  

Their goal was simple but extraordinarily complex – to devise state of the art interception and decryption communication solutions that would serve the needs and ever-increasing challenges of security and intelligence agencies, military forces, police and homeland security services around the world.

Ability’s uniqueness is in integrated capabilities of off the air communication interceptions and accurate signal decryption so that the outcome is a valuable session (Voice, SMS, DTMF).

ABILITY’s track record lasts nearly two decades of proven field record with satisfied customers among leading Security Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Home Land Security organizations and Armed Forces around the globe!

We specialize in advanced, state of the art, off-air interception of personal communication used via cellular and satellite communication networks and deciphering solutions for the encrypted information in those networks.


Sales are subject to Israeli MOD approval.


ABILITY supports all phases required for satisfied customers, including Marketing & Sales, R&D, Operation, Customer Service etc.



Address: 17 Hatzefira St - Tel Aviv 67779 - Israel
Phone No: + 972 3 6879777
Fax No: + 972 3 5376483
Website: www.interceptors.com