Ultralight Aircraft


In the aerospace sector TELSAT designs, develops and manufactures ultralight aircraft for reconnaissance, sport as well as fumigation purposes, Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) and didactic and experimental equipment, namely Wind Tunnels and Water Channels for dynamic testing.


One of TELSAT’s products is the FLYINGCAT, a light aircraft that can serve as a trainer for educational, sport and reconnaissance purposes.


The FLYINGCAT is made of composite materials of the latest technology with highly efficient laminar flow airfoils for an excellent aerodynamic performance. The latest products developed by TELSAT are two UAVs, MERLIN and JAGUAR.


JAGUAR has a 20 ft wing span, is designed for aerial photography surveys, video recognition and intelligence missions and is made of composite materials. MERLIN is a very small UAV used in tactical missions. TELSAT has also developed KRYPTONITE, an aircraft for military reconnaissance and agricultural fumigations with a 36 ft wing span.


NVG Helmet


At the present time, TELSAT is working with the Armed and Air Forces of the Republic of Colombia for the development of a new NVG helmet for helicopter pilots, which offers a wider angle vision, and could replace the previous models available in the market. In some cases TELSAT provides support for the repair of existing NVG helmets.


Communication Systems & Related Equipment


The Company designs and manufactures Ground Command Centers for UAV's and telecommunications stations.


TELSAT also specialises in the design and development of BASSs (Building Automation Security Systems), as well as the installation of RF links for video and data communication, NDB (Non-Directional Beacons), GPS systems and autopilot systems among others.


Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics Systems


The Company specialises in the design and installation of data networks and CCTV systems.


Textiles for NBC protection


TELSAT LTDA. specializes in the development of armored textiles, such as Kevlar, Spectra, Twaron, Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber.