Epicos (http://www.epicos.com) is a service of "Epicos S.A." with a firm commitment to Privacy. Epicos is committed to not use your information for other means such as their sale to other parties.  The following discloses our information-gathering and dissemination practices for this Web site only.
According to the privacy policy, "Epicos S.A." Service Provider of Offset & Countertrade News, Data and Information, individually or collectively is hereinafter referred to as "Provider" and each subscriber or registrant, an individual or company, who is provided with the user account is hereinafter referred to as "Member". 
Epicos members and applicants are required to complete a questionnaire which consists of both personal information and demographics. Epicos uses this information to:
certify the member and grand him/her access to the Private section of Epicos notify subscribers about re-qualification and renewal use for marketing initiatives related to Epicos products and services use for Epicos research analysis and surveys use for consultation with readers
Postal addresses will be used to promote Epicos but will not be made available for list rental to third parties.
Telephone numbers of Epicos subscribers are used by the provider to communicate with and / or collect re-qualification data and may be used by Epicos for promotional purposes. Epicos does not make telephone numbers available for list rental.
Fax numbers of Epicos subscribers are used by Epicos to communicate and / or collect re-qualification data and may be used for surveys. No fax numbers are rented to outside firms.
E-mail addresses of Epicos subscribers are used for communication and /or requalification purposes. Epicos may also use e-mail addresses to collect feedback by members of our editorial or research team, to promote Epicos products and services. We allow users to "opt-out" of receiving e-mail newsletters from Epicos. If a user does not respond to the questions concerning how we may use their e-mail address at the time the e-mail address is collected, the address may be used by Epicos. If at any time the member does not wish to receive such e-mail communication he /she can choose to opt-out from his personal information page.
In order to use this Site, a prospective Member must initiate the standard registration process. Registration requires the submission of company information such as Name, General Description, Description of the Member/s relation to the Offsets / Defence industry, Entity Type, Location (Address, City, Country etc.) and also the personal information of a contact person such as (Name, Phone, Fax, e-mail and Position).
The online subscription request can only be processed if this information is complete by Epicos and its corresponding in-country partner. Epicos needs to validate the correctness of the information provided and also determine the nature and suitability of the entity with the subscription request. The in-country partner is bound by the same obligations of confidentiality as the Provider in relation to information received during the course of this initial applicant validation.
After this validation and assuming the entity is eligible for registration, the prospective Member/s specified contact will be notified by e-mail with directions for how to activate a temporary account, which he / she will be able to access in order to proceed further with the registration process.
At the next phase of the registration process the prospective Member will receive the appropriate contractual agreement and it has to be accepted by the prospective Member prior to using the Site/s full products and services. The Member will also be notified about the Site/s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
If the member requires additional accounts for individual employees, then Epicos requires the relevant information of each user (Name, e-mail, User Id, Password and Type of Account). After the individual member accounts have been activated and the users notified, the Members may enter the restricted sections of the Site, where they have the option through the appropriate function to update their personal information and provide additional information, if so required.

Epicos collects the Member/s IP addresses in order to help diagnose conflicts / problems with the Providers/ server and to administer the Web Site.
  Epicos shares the Site/s traffic analysis information with its partners and advertisers. Traffic analysis information does not include any personal information that can identify any individual person. Epicos uses a credit card processing company in order to bill users for goods and services provided through the Epicos site. Epicos has received contractual undertakings from these companies that they shall not retain, share, store or use personally identifiable information for any secondary purpose. Epicos may partner with a third party to provide specific services. When the Member signs up for these services, the Provider will share names or other contact information that is necessary to allow the third party to provide these services. These parties have given contractual undertakings not to use personally identifiable information except for the purpose of providing these services. 
The Provider takes every precaution to protect the data/information of its Member(s) against loss, misuse and alteration. A Member/s submission of sensitive information is protected both on line and off line in the following manner:
Throughout the registration procedure, all Member information is encrypted and protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption software. SSL is a proven coding system that allows the Member/s browser automatically encrypt or scramble data before the Member sends it to the Provider. The Provider shall also maintain all necessary precautionary actions in order to protect the Members information off line. All information relevant to the Member is strictly confidential and restricted within the Provider/s offices. Access to Member/s personal information is permitted only to the employees performing the specific task, for which the aforementioned information is required. All employees/ computer screens are password protected, in order to ensure that Members/ security is maintained, should the Provider's employee leave his computer even for a very short period of time. Furthermore, all employees are kept fully informed on the Provider/s security and privacy practices. Every time any new policies are added, the Provider/s employees are notified about the importance the Provider places on privacy, and what they can do to ensure that the Provider/s customers/ personal information is protected. All Members' information is kept in a secure environment. If you have any questions about the security at the Site, you can send an e-mail to info@epicos.com. 
Epicos uses information from a member’s registration form or personal profile to send additional information about our company. We also use your contact information to contact you for administrative and other purposes such as confirmation e-mails.
The general policy of Epicos is not to release any personally identifiable information of Members without permission. In certain circumstances the Provider may disclose information to third parties when the Provider believes that such action is necessary:
To protect and defend the Provider/s, Members/ and other parties/ legal rights As otherwise permitted by law and the terms of any Agreement concluded between the Provider and the Member. 
Epicos will inform its members about new site and service announcement updates to Members. Members are not permitted to de-subscribe from service announcements, which contain important information about the service. The Provider shall communicate with the Member to provide requested services and in regards to issues relating to their account via e-mail or telephone.
  The member is responsible to update Epicos with regards to personal information changes (such as email, address, position, etc. The update can take place either via the online Member account (personal information page) or by sending an email to Customer Service. The update of personal information shall be effective after the lapse of three working days from the receipt of notification by the Provider. The Provider accepts no responsibility for any breaches of Member/s confidentiality arising from failure to notify the Provider of change of details. The Member shall be responsible for any loss or damage arising from unauthorised access to information contained on or related to the Site arising from any failure to notify the Provider of changes to personal contact information. 
Members who do not wish to receive newsletters or promotional material may opt out by clicking the appropriate Subscribe / Un-subscribe button in the Member/s Personal Information screen.
All related links referenced on this Site are publicly available on the World Wide Web and are provided solely for the convenience of users. These sites are not sponsored by, affiliated with, nor are they the responsibility of the Provider. This Privacy Policy applies solely to information / content collected by the Site itself.
If a Member wishes to subscribe to one or more newsletter/s, he / she can do so by clicking the opt-in option located in the member/s personal information screen. The same facility can be used in the case the Member wishes to discontinue receiving the newsletter(s).
If the Provider decides to change its Privacy Policy, Member notification is made by posting all relevant changes to the Site’s Home Page, with a clear indication that amendments have been made and the date of publication of such amendments. Continued use of the Site within fifteen days of such publication shall constitute acceptance of the amended Site Privacy Policy by the Member.
If you have any questions about this privacy statement and Epicos activities please contact us at: E-mail: customer.support@epicos.com
Fax: +30 210 6728535
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