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Company: DEKATI Ltd.
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  • FPS-4000  (Fine Particle Sampler) is a guaranteed solution for diluting and conditioning aerosol and gaseous samples for measurement instruments. The two stage dilution system features unmatched versatility with applications reaching from automotive pre- and post after treatment measurements to nucleation studies.


  • Dekati® Engine Exhaust Diluter – DEED is an all new PMP-conform engine exhaust conditioning system. In contrast to multi-stage dilution systems in general, DEED is a simple, easy to use system that guarantees precise and repeatable results every time.


  • Dekati® Diluter DI-1000 is a low-cost, simple and easy-to-operate device for diluting aerosol and gaseous samples from any source. The simplicity and robustness of the all stainless-steel design have made it a widely renowned choice for dilution of combustion aerosols.


  • Dekati® Cyclone is an EPA-standard cyclone for removal of large particles from a sample stream. The cyclone can be used in high temperatures due to the all-stainless steel construction. The Dekati® Cyclone is manufactured according to EPA standard 201A.


  • Dekati® Thermodenuder makes detailed studies of soot particles possible by removing volatiles from automotive exhaust. Removal of the volatiles eliminates unwanted sample transformations. The high flow rate of the instrument makes it an ideal tool for use with ELPI™ (Electrical Low Pressure Impactor) and DMM (Dekati® Mass Monitor), also manufactured by Dekati Ltd.


  • Dekati® Axial Diluter DAD-100 is a simple and cost-effective dilution tool for any dilution task. Especially designed for use with Dekati instruments, the DAD-100 is very simple to install into any sampling or measurement system. All-stainless steel design makes it also possible to heat the diluter up to 500°C.
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DEED - Dekati® Engine Exhaust DiluterDEED - Dekati® Engine Exhaust Diluter

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