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Laser Gas Oy

Laser Gas Oy mainly produces : Pure Nitroge Generators and cooling Gas Recharger for Missiles and Oxygen Generators.

Laser Gas Ltd manufactures oxygen and nitrogen generators and controlled atmosphere systems, based on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) or membrane technology. Extracting oxygen or nitrogen directly from the air, Laser Gas compact on-site systems are a cost-effective alternative compared to pressurised cylinder gas in many applications.

Ultra-pure nitrogen gas produced with Laser Gas equipment is used for example to cool the infrared detectors of the missiles aboard the Hornet fighters operated by the Finnish Air Force. The nitrogen generator can achieve a maximum purity of 99.999%, which is the highest possible.

Laser Gas Ltd is located in Finland. The company operates out of a multi-facility complex that includes administration, engineering, marketing, product support, test, training, manufacturing, inspection, and warehouse departments. This allows the company to strictly adhere to high quality assurance standards. In addition, Laser Gas maintains marketing and product support offices in world wide including USA.

Address:Laviantie 30
Country :Finland
Phone No:+358 50 059 1693
Fax No:+358 25 723 111
Website :

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