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DAU Ges.m.b.H & CO.KG.

DAU Ges.m.b.H and CO.KG was founded in 1970 has been involved in the manufacture of electromechanical components for the high power electronics industry.

DAU offers a comprehensive range of thermal management products such as:

  • Heat Spreaders (Stamping, Aluminium Extrusions, Die Casting)
  • Naturally Convected Heat Sinks (Aluminium Extrusions and High Power Bonded Fin Technology)
  • Fan Forced Heat Sinks (Bonded Fin Technology, Metal Bond Technology)
  • Attachment Devices (Springs, Clips, Adhesives)
  • Liquid Cooling Devices (Water Cooling, Fluid Cooling, Oil Cooling)
  • Heatpipes and Heatpipe assemblies (both Mesh Type Wick and Sintered Wick Heatpipes)
  • Heatexchangers and Heatpipe Heatexchangers (Liquid to Air, Liquid to Liquid)
  • Interface Materials (bought-in product from well known suppliers)

In additional, the company offers products like:

Aircooled Heat Sinks:

  • Bonded fin heat sinks
  • Soldered fin heat sinks
  • Pressed fin heat sinks
  • Profilescostum specific heat sinks
  • PC board heat sinks
  • Processor heat sinks

Liquid Cold Heat Sinks:

  • Liquid cold plates
  • KLEASY system Series KLD
  • Easy system series KW
  • Liquid cold plates KS
  • Liquid cold plates UW
  • Liquid cold plates KSK
  • Hockey pack cooler KWK
  • Hockey pack cooler LC KW-K
  • Processor liquid cold plates
  • Customized liquid coolers

Heat pipes:

  • Standard cylindrical heat pipes
  • Heat pipe power semiconductor cooling
  • Heat pipe heat exchanger
  • Heat pipe processor cooling
  • Custom specific heat pipe applications
  • Heat pipes for plastic moulding applications

Passive Electronic Components:

  • Foil trimmer capacitors
  • Ceramic trimmer capacitors
  • Air trim capacitors tuning tools
  • Wire wound potentiometers
  • Wirewound preset poti
  • Cermet potentiometers
  • SMD and chip inductors
  • SMD transformers
  • Varactor diodes

Few of its partners are Mikkelsen Electronics AS, HS Electro Connex KB, DAU Asia Ltd, ELSAP s.r.l, EBG d.o.o, RODIA INT - Ltd, HS Electro Connex KB, Dau Thermal Solutions Inc, etc.

Address:Dietenberg 38
Country :Austria
Phone No:+43 31 432351-0
Fax No:+43 31 432351-14
Website :

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