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Life Optics GmbH

Life Optics GmbH specializes in the production of varioscope products and devices for the defense and medical sectors. 

Its product capabilities include:

Varioscope: It is an optical system that permits complete freedom of movement while offering variable magnification, autofocus and a sharp, crystal-clear 3D image. It miniaturizes the high-end microscope and combines it with the flexibility of a head-mounted system. Applications of the Varioscope are in Surgery and Dentistry.

Varioscope AF3: It is a standard device and the basis of all varioscopic systems. This model already has the technical characteristics that make it the best head-mounted vision system all over the world. With its features zoom, autofocus and automatic parallax control the Varioscope AF3 sets new standards for microscopic vision aids.

Varioscope M5: It is a head-mounted vision system combines the traditional features of the Varioscope (autofocus, zoom and pa-rallax control) wit h powerful illumination and high-end documentation.

Varioscope M5dental: The device along with integrated light and camera system, Life Optics miniaturized the high-end surgical microscope with all of its excellent performance characteristics to a headmounted vision system. The Varioscope  M5dental combines the traditional characteristics of Varioscopy (autofocus, zoom and parallax control), which are successfully utilized in surgery, with coaxial light and the possibility of documentation and presentation from the dentist's perspective.

Few accessories offered by the company include:

  • Varioscope MediaCenter
  • Light source M500
  • Varioscope Trolley

Address:Seeboeckgasse 59
Country :Austria
Phone No:+43-1-4789910
Fax No:+43-1-4789911
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