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The Oerlikon Contraves group, which makes up the Air Defence Systems division within the Rheinmetall DeTec group, is a leading manufacturer of complex weapon systems for air defence.


In the cannon-based air defence segment, Oerlikon Contraves is the market leader and sole single-source supplier of fire control systems, guns, ammunition, and integrated missile launchers.


The core competencies of the internationally operating group of companies comprise the development and manufacture of air defence systems as well as simulators and training systems. The Oerlikon Contraves group is headquartered in Zurich, with further companies located in Germany, Italy, Canada, Malaysia, and Singapore (locations). Total sales in 2004 by Oerlikon Contraves amounted to 310 million EUR. At present the group occupies around 1,800 employees worldwide.

Oerlikon Contraves Defense, is subdivided into three business units: Systems, Ammunition and Adats.

Its product line includes:

  • Land-based anti-aircraft defense systems with guided missiles and medium calibre guns,
  • Armament for vehicles,
  • Cannons (20mm - 35mm),
  • Naval anti-missile defense systems and fire control systems for artillery,
  • Prime contractors for battle tanks built under licence,
  • Ammunition for ground and air targets, fuses and rockets, and
  • Mechanisms and structures for space applications.

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