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Simtec Buergel Ltd.

Simtec Buergel Ltd. is a private limited company in Switzerland that offers services and products in the aerospace sector. Main acitivities are in the fields of :

- Flight Test
- Flight and Aircraft Performance, Mission Analysis
- Air Data Systems and Flow-Tubes
- Wind Tunnel

Simtec provides solutions that meet customers demands.


- Development of instrumentation-electronic and instrumentation-systems in the
area of flight-testing.

- Realisation of instrumentation of airplanes and parts of planes. 

- Survey and development activities in its in-house wind-tunnel.

- Surveying on planes with GPS, air-data-tubes, acceleration-sensors,
displacement, expansion, interaction, pressure etc.

- Development of technical software for instrumentation, calculation,
simulation, visualisation, handling of test-results, telemetry etc.

- Development of technical software.

- Gauging and calibrating flow-tubes with its in-house wind-tunnel.

Address:Im Soerlibrunnen 15
Country :Switzerland
Phone No:+41-61-723-17-10
Fax No:+41-61-723-17-11
Website :

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