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Mikro-Pulssi Oy

Mikro-Pulssi Oy is a Finnish family owned company founded in 1975.

It sells, designs, manufactures, installs and maintains automatic fire alarm & extinguishing systems for diversified applications. In fact Mikro-Pulssi is one of the leading Finnish companies in the fire protection branch. The company started designing and delivering automatic fire extinguishing systems for military applications at the end of 1980's and ever since they have delivered over 1000 fire protection systems. Company operates also as an electronics sub-contractor .

Mikro-Pulssi deliveres automatic fire extinguishing systems e.g. for military vehicles, computer rooms, server rooms, power stations, painting facilities, welding machines, spark erosion machines, forest machines, buses, boats, vessels & kitchens.

Address:Kaskimaenkatu 1
Country :Finland
Phone No:+358 33 122 1400
Fax No:+358 33 122 1469
Website :

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