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eXess Engineering GmbH

eXess Engineering GmbH specializes in designing and developing security systems serving petrochemical, chemical, automotive, aviation, truck, shipping, military, and civil defence.

Few of its products like:

  • Origin - Raw Materials
  • eXess Network 
  • eXess Network Cylinder 
  • eXess Filling Material

Production Machinery of the company includes:

  • Stretchmatic 1200 AL
  • Rotomatic600aL.
  • Fillmatic
  • Safety can

Company works closely with companies like Suppress X-S, USA, AES Anti Explosion Systems Iran, G.I.E.P. GmbH, Austria, Dr. Steffan Datentechnik, FireEx Brandschutz & Explosionsschutz Consultant, GexCon AS, Lutz bsaug-Technik GmbH, Ultraleicht Flugzeugbau GmbH, STEIG, Export-Import-Gesellschaft m.b.H, etc.

Few of its customers are Shell, OMV, Agip,  BP,  Tokheim Austria GmbH,  GIA-Gesellschaft Industrieausrustung GmbH and Co KG, RK-TT,  Rohe,  Anlagenbau and TB Schlapschy,  KSW Technik GmbH, Ries Sicherheitstechnik, Mercedes Benz Wittwar,  Ressenig Fahrzeugbau, STOOF Fahrzeugbau and Sicherheitstechnik,  Battle Tank Manufacturers, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Slovenian Army, etc.

Address:Andritzer Reichsstrasse 66
Country :Austria
Phone No:+43 (316) 698778-0
Fax No:+43 (316) 698778-3
Website :

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