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SASW Tracemed Suisse


SASW Tracemed Suisse (formerly SASW-Pelluet Didier) develops and manufactures Intelligent Wireless Systems for Security, Monitoring and Control, Traceability.

The exchange of data can be done using sensors utilizing a wide variety of radio choices, including RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth and GSM.

Medical traceability - Medical file management in Equipment traceability Systems for security based on sensors, RFID, Smartcard, Smart Wearable Objects, Biometrics, video etc. in order to identify, localise, authentify, open/close, register. System for the improvement of people that work in stress, harsh condition, etc. far from their home.

The innovation is inside the kernel of  SASW (Smart And Secure Way). SASW identifies the ideas and applications produced by groups exchanging naturally little and adapt them to other applicability when their potential value justifies it. The applications which result from it can be resolutely new on these last fields and touch new customers on the corresponding markets.

SASW gives priority in this step to the increase in value and the opening of new markets for existing products thanks to the introduction of new technologies. Thus SASW spans several markets and technologies and innovates simply while combining in new manner (Smart Way) of existing technologies and thus obtains astonishing synergies in the shape of new products or process. SASW applies this step in a number of markets like the medical one, defense, the animals, aeronautics, measurement, transport, etc. safety and the traceability being the common denominator for SASW between all these fields. This approach with broad spectrum has as a finality to make it possible to SASW to revolutionize the way in which safety the goods and the people is assured. Recent work on technologies of the soldier of the futures, the fields of safety and transport.




Experience: Assist military forces to manage more effectively their inventory, ensuring that the proper equipment is in the right place at the right time.

Countries: Europe


Experience: Systems using RFID tags to improve patient treatment during emergencies, including major accidents, terrorist attacks, or natural disasters.

Countries: Europe


Experience: System using RFID, biometry, sensors to improve security during the transports of goods and persons. (example =  secured boxes with bio and RFID.

Countries: Europe


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