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Alulight International GmbH

Alulight International GmbH was formed in 2002 from the joint venture as a subsidiary of ECKA Granules, which specializes in the production of non-ferrous metal powders. It also produces powder metallurgical extruded aluminium profiles.
Capabilities of the company include:

  • 3D Structural Parts
  • Aluminium Foam Panels (applications include: fire protection, double insulated floors, tanks, lids, noise protection, EM shielding, clean room walls and ceilings, fittings etc.)
  • Lost Foam Cores (applications include: tool making, automotive industry, mechanical engineering, etc.)
  • Foam filled Hollow Parts (applications include: chassis, cranes, automobiles, laser cutting robots, etc.)
  • Research and Development
  • EM-Shielding

For the production of a sand yielding panel first a mixture from aluminum powder and propellant is rolled to a plate. Sand yielding panels, with metallurgically connected covers, are by the purely metallic structure like conventional aluminum without special precautions easily through Weld the covers Screws Rivets to connect.

The cellular structure of aluminium foam offers noumerousness properties like:

  • High Impact energy absorption
  • Compressive strength
  • Vibration reduction
  • Sound absorption
  • Structural damping

Product applications include automotive, and aircraft industries, elektrotechnology, and household appliances.

Address:Lachforst 4
Country :Austria
Phone No:+43 7722 64564-0
Fax No:+43 7722 64564-610
Website :

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