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Omnisec AG

Omnisec, a private company with experience dating back to WWII, is the world's leading manufacturer of truly secure communications solutions. Based entirely in Switzerland, they are not subject to any export restrictions relating to encryption technology, and operate in over 60 countries around the globe. Military and government organisations are clients and users of the company's cryptology applications.

Omnisec's security solutions encompass encrypted e-mail, file transfer, telephone, fax, link, radio, and IP communications, including secure network management. Their extensive expertise in secure communications enables them to provide professional consulting, system engineering, project management, and education services, to empower their customers to manage their complex communication infrastructures securely.

All Omnisec encryption devices are based on the unique Omnicrypt Security Architecture, featuring proprietary encryption algorithms and removable Security Modules containing secret Master Keys. All their products are developed by themselves and manufactured under their strict control.


Address:Rietstrasse 14
Country :Switzerland
Phone No:+41 44 847 67 11
Fax No:+41 44 847 67 12
Website :

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