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Temet Oy
Temet provides shelters and protective buildings designed to shield human lives and important functions against any threat originating from terrorism, military actions or industrial accidents.

The company's products range covers blast resistant doors, blast valves, nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) filters and special ventilation systems. In short, all equipment, systems and services required to make shelters completely safe against destruction caused by war-like-circumstances. For most applications, Temet provides pre-engineered solutions from a wide range of standard protective equipment and systems.

In addition to hardware, Temet provides a full service packet incorporating all necessary supporting functions such as custom product design, consulting in all areas of shelter technology, installation supervision, equipment testing and commissioning services and training of the shelter operational staff.

Temet is a supplier of expert technology for shelters and protective constructions designed to shield human lives and important equipment against any threat resulting from military actions or natural disasters.

Temet has successfully exported products since 1960?s to Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America, to over 40 different countries.

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ISO 9001

Address:Asentajankatu 3
Country :Finland
Phone No:+358 20 757 9510
Fax No:+358 20 757 9515
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