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Photonic Optics Ges.m.b.H. & Co.

Photonic Optics Ges.m.b.H and Co specializes in the development, design and manufacturing of instruments in the following fields of technology like optics, optronics, electronics, and precision mechanics.

It offers products like:

LED Illumination Components:

  • LED ringlight 66/40
  • LED ringlight 38/20
  • LED-spot
  • LED-Spot 2-arm
  • LED-backlight Nikon
  • LED-ringlight 66/80
  • LED-control unit with segment control for RL 66/80
  • Switch-mode power supply

Fluorescence illumination:

  • Fluorescence ringlight
  • Fluorescent-ringlight with UV lamp
  • Control unit
  • Switch-mode power supply


  • Slot-in filter and filterholder
  • Remote control
  • Fluorescence filter for ringlight
  • Serial interface
  • Base plate

Additional Products offered by the company includes Modern cold light sources, photonic f1 light source, and telescopes for rifles, night-vision sights, artillery sighting systems, etc.

Company's competencies are precision engineering and optics, electronics, fibre optics and illumination technology.

Address:Seeboeckgasse 59
Country :Austria
Phone No:+43 1 4865691-0
Fax No:+43 1 4865691-33
Website :

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