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AICO EDV - Beratung GmbH

AICO EDV-Beratung GmbH offers research and development in the information technology since 1981. In additional, the company offers software architectures, mobile solutions, web-based solutions, security, data warehousing and data integration, simulation and optimization, data mining and machine learning, signal and image processing.
Company offers products like:


  • Oszilloskop trigger for flexray frames
  • Bus analyser for Flexray
  • Bus simulator for flexray
  • Bus fault injektor for flexray

Telematic and Sensor:

  • Intelligence sensor systemes and neuroinformatic
  • Smart eye universal counting sensor  
  • Special CMOS picture sensor
  • Big dynamic dimension from 120dB
  • Moving detection on-chip
  • Asynchrone communication
  • Hight time scale 1ms
  • Configuration software GUI
  • Database support
  • Time stamp
  • Scalable and easy integration in networks

Its capability list includes:

  • Draft and development of embedded systems
  • Software engineering
  • Detailed development support
  • Specification of prototypes and
  • Architecture drafts such as for mobilephones and automotive industry

Some of its projects are:

  • Acronym EULIS
  • Acronym eMarCon
  • Acronym WORKSAFE
  • Acronym SME-NET

It offers services like engineering and consulting services, development support, support for prototyping solutions, and system architecture design.

Address:Schleinbacher Strasse 61
City:UlrichskirchenLower Austria
Country :Austria
Phone No:+43-2245-82448
Fax No:+43-2245-4646
Website :

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