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Company: New Noga Light Ltd.
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New Noga Light’s NL-93G is A lightweight dual-channel, rugged night vision binocular which can be operated as a hand held binocular or hands free NVG with a flip-up head strap or flip-up helmets mount The NL-93G designed to by a rugged night vision binocular for variety of ground and sea operations. It design for operations where depth perception is critical for mission and carrying out operations such as urban operation, boats driving, vehicles driving, armored vehicles driving helicopters gunner accuracy as wall as fly crews and deck crews night operations.The NL-93G design to be a small and lightweight magnification X1 night binocular with a wide Fields of View (FOV) and adjustable 25mm eye-relief eyepiece that provide consistent high-quality imagery regardless of eyepiece positioning. It can utilizes a third and a second generation Image Intensification Tube maintains extremely high resolutionThe NL-93G includes a low battery indicator and a flexible carrying case. High performance is assured under both moonlight and starlight conditions. The NL-93G is qualified to the environmental requirements of MIL-STD-810. 


  • Lightweight dual-channel, night vision binoculars
  • Urban operation & boats, vehicles & armored vehicles driving
  • comfortable to wear, easy to operate
  • ground and sea operations
  • Gen II or Gen III image intensifier tube
  • Vertical, horizontal, and tilt adjustments
  • Mounts to variety of head set or helmets
  • Low battery indicator
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