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MOR Mk-II Remote Controlled Integrated Day/Night Observation System (Goldtec)

Details :

MOR-Mk II is an advanced state of the art security remote observation system, designed for surveillance and perimeter security applications.

The MOR-Mk II features a high quality color day/night CCD camera with X25 zoom lens and thermal channel.
MOR-Mk II is compatible with any thermal sensor system. The day camera observation channel is fully compliant with environmental military specifications.

MOR-Mk II is mounted on an accurate pan & tilt head with feedback positioning indications, allowing the system to be easily installed on towers, buildings, masts (fixed or portable), various types of surveillance vehicles, etc.
Due to state of the art technology, the system can be integrated with any electronic fence, alarm system, and command & control center.

Goldtec Technology provides the next generation of perimeter security and homeland defense solutions, combining electro-optical surveillance equipment, image processing, VMD, and open sensor network architecture...

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